Hello people!!!! Kindly raise your hands if you are a fan of the television series, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK. *Waits few seconds to count number of raised hands* hihi.

I have gotten so hooked on to it since I watched the first episode of the first season- well I ended up binge watching all the episodes of season one- you cannot blame me, it is a very interesting, intriguing, fun, and “rated x” series. Lol

I am not here to bore you with some television series I have grown love for – but if you would allow me, I could.

However, linking the title of this television series to the title of this blog post… I am writing this to tell you that, MUSTARD YELLOW IS THE NEW BLACK. How corny?!

Fashion has evolved and it keeps evolving in terms of colour, fabrics, texture, style and so on. About a few months ago, most people went crazy on the neon green trend! Be it clothes, shoes, nails, even hair! *I jumped on the band wagon and got neon green nails at a point. Oh and just so you know, neon green looks great on black skin, especially on black girls.*

And even though neon green still is in season, mustard yellow is poking it’s way through as well, and it is fast becoming one of my favourite colours. Not only does it look great on anyone or any skin tone for that matter, it is the perfect shade of yellow ( in my opinion). It is not too bright, nor too dark… just “molten gold!” JUST PERFECT! *Oh and the “HOT GIRL” summer season has been a real hot one with mustard yellow in play. Very hot stuurrrvess*

I never really considered rocking this colour , until I saw a photo of a Muslim lady wearing an outfit in that colour and she paired it up with a black hijab.

How beautiful is this?

And for the longest time, I did not think I looked good in yellow, mustard yellow for that matter. I always preferred wearing darker colours ( I still love wearing darker colours), especially black! Anyone that knows me well knows that my favourite colour is definitely black, but like I said earlier, mustard yellow is finding its way into my heart.

I recently attended a fashion show ( The Mercedes Benz Fashion show), and prior to the event, I was contemplating on what I was going to wear. I actually went through a frenzy trying to figure out the perfect style and colour for my outfit, but thanks to my fashion designer and Pinterest, ( I got inspired by the Muslim lady’s photo on there) I was able to come up with an outfit, which I will show you a photo of, in a bit.

So I rocked a slit “spagetti” mustard yellow dress with some few embellishments around the bust area. A very simple but classy dress.

I paired it up with grey suede heels and a cute little bag, hoop earrings and a simple bracelet and I was good to go! Unfortunately I did not get shots of the bag. How sad?

There are other outfits in this colour, that can be rocked. Be it jumpsuits, shirts, skirts, shorts, and a whole lot more, depending on your style and personality. It’s okay to try things that are out of your comfort zone and mustard yellow is definitely one to try. This cheery shade is fun to wear, definitely classy and compliments all skin tones.

What are your thoughts? I personally think it’s a great colour, and if you haven’t considered this as part of your wardrobe, try it out. You will feel happy in this colour and, of course, look great too! Would I wear more mustard yellow outfits? But of course I would!

This colour is here to stay – for as long as it can- and yes, it is definitely the new black!

Elsie Shayne 💋



Well, judging from the heading of this extremely short blog post, your girl is back to writing blogs!

The last blog post I published was about two years ago, and that happened to be my very first blog as well. I was a National service personnel then( you can kindly go check that post out). I have finished my service now, and currently “facing the real world”, LOL.

At this juncture of my blog writing life, I will be delving more into styling clothes! Ha! You didn’t see that coming, I suppose.

So basically, I will be helping you guys – especially the ladies- style some pretty basic clothes into attractive fits! So follow me on this journey I’ve dubbed “TODAY’S OUTFIT”, and I bet you would enjoy every bit of it. Catch you on my next post!

Your Lover Girl,

Elsie Shayne💋


It has been a long time coming. Well, I never really cared though. All I wanted to do was to get the degree-which I thankfully have. But then I have to serve my country. Couldn’t I have done that in an alternative way? The answer, No.

After almost a month of being in queues, getting stepped on, among other ordeals- one girl actually got hurt on her forehead- I was able to finally undergo registration for National Service. Oh, I forgot to mention, some of my mates also got their fair share of flogging by one soldier who happens to be in the military police( he became a “star” after that incident though). That one month was a very stressful and undesirable one. The National Service Scheme couldn’t find any better and easier way to get us (almost 40,000 personnel ) registered, which is a failure on their part.

Fast forward, I’ve started, my service and it is actually what I expected. Well, yes… it’s what I expected. No major work. I report to work by 8am leave by 5pm, which I think is torture considering the fact that I do literally nothing! But then again I’m getting used to it. At least I always look forward to going to work the following day… just to abuse the wifi. My bosses are very friendly and down to earth by the way… and it’s nothing new (they are of opposite gender), not to say that some female bosses are not friendly or down to earth… just saying. Enough of my “job experience” because I don’t have much to say about it.

I just hope and pray that our allowances come in early after this month. I was disappointed it didn’t come in last month though. Personally, I have made plans with that money… just saying… It’s 2017, and I’m a National Service Personnel.

Just hoping for the best…